Rebuild * Regenerate provides a platform to connect international donors to local organizations in communities impacted by disasters with a market-based approach to long term sustainability and resilience.

Rebuild * Regenerate is an alliance of local and international strategic partners working together to provide sustainable infrastructure and clean energy to confront the accelerating effects of climate change. Our long-term vision is to facilitate investment opportunities that empower communities to build resilience and thrive.

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Our Partners

Rebuild * Regenerate members are community-based organizations, local businesses, and International public and private sector organizations working together to create long-term, appropriate, market-based solutions, offering support for the implementation of sustainable solutions in impacted communities.

10PowerLogo.png10Power a US based organization, operating in Haiti provides project development and finance for renewable energy storage and generation in the developing world and empowers communities to promote clean water, gender equality, and ecosystem restoration. 10Power’s methodology for scalable community engagement involves: relationship building, securing trusted local partnerships, quantifying soft networks with big data, credit scoring, stakeholder engagement in project development, and empowering local entrepreneurs to bring solar to their own communities.  To date, 10Power has implemented solar micro-grid projects at water treatment facilities in Haiti and is providing solar project development and finance in the Commercial and Industrial sectors. http://10pwr.com



GivePower founded by SolarCityGivePower founded by SolarCity, is a US based non for profit engaged in providing clean energy technologies to empower communities through using solar energy to power up schools in rural areas of Haiti. With a portfolio of over 1500 solar systems installations in schools worldwide, GivePower has widened access to education, improved school attendance and attracted advanced learning professionals to contribute to the economic development of the community. http://www.givepower.org/



Konbit Soley LeveKonbit Solèy Leve is a horizontal, non-hierarchical, non registered movement set up in Cite Soley – known to have been the most dangerous place in the Caribbean where political marginalisation and economic frustrations fostered violence, crime, stigma and national isolation. Despite Cite Soley still being the most marginalised city in Haiti, Konbit has created movement centred around participation, solidarity and reciprocity where members are engaged in positive community change through principles that encourage work with locals, cultivating an identity to fight stigma and sharing opportunities and resources. Members of this movement known as Konbits have gathered to clean sewages and provide clean drinking water to areas affected by the floods in 2011 and have mobilized support for peace marches that advocate for an anti-violent approach to economic tensions. http://www.konbitsoleyleve.com/



DiDigitalKapgitalKap, is a Haitian company with specialization in deploying solar energy for homeowners, businesses, schools, nonprofits and the government and providing routine maintenance and procuring materials for solar systems. DigitalKap has provided solar systems to 150 schools in Haiti, installing solar powered computer labs and training professionals in local schools.http://www.digitalkap.com/



The Sextant FoSextant Foundationundation based in the US, operates in Haiti to implement sustainable development projects that connect engineering and innovation within the healthcare system. In the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, the Sextant Foundation played a pivotal role in restoring, electrically rewiring and providing a cost effective system for the largest hospital in Northern Haiti – Hôpital Sacré Coeur. The provision of solar energy for the hospital enabled fewer surgical delays, uninterrupted energy supply and resilience to respond efficiently to the natural disaster. http://sextantfoundation.org/



Ceramex – was estaCeramexblished in Haiti in 1994 and in the Turks & Caicos Islands in 2005.CERAMEX, The Tile Place offers a large selection of floor tiles, wall tiles, roof tiles, bathroom fixtures and kitchen accessories. The company also provides a wide range of both indoor and outdoor finishing products from new construction to renovation of homes and businesses. http://www.ceramex.net/



IHE Institut Haitien De L'Energie

IHE – The Haitian Energy Institute is  a private institution, independent and apolitical. It produces energy-commissioned studies using the best national expertise in the field. It provides support to investors and companies for the successful completion of their projects. It also carries out research applied specifically to the energy sector. http://www.institutenergie.org.ht/



panexus_1434977345   Panexus is a Haitian organisation specialising in repairs and structural reinforcement of damaged buildings. Having engaged in the reconstruction of two local airports, UNICEF’s headquarters and the local crafstmen’s iron market, Panexus views their impact as serving the well being, safety and interest of local communities through various partnerships and having access to the best products and building materials. http://panexushaiti.com/qui-sommes-nous/



Ekotek Energy

Ekotek is a Haiti-based company that has designed a series of residential solar products specifically tailored to the Haitian market, designed to deliver simple, reliable power at an affordable price. http://ekotekenergy.com/



ETE Group
is a general construction and industrial company in Haiti working under Ekotech.  http://www.ete-group.com/ete/



Charles Feqpicture1_logo_w_corner-145104136_stduiere is a family owned Haitian company established in 1938. They provide commercial construction, energy audits, solar installations, electrical engineering and operations and maintenance(O&M). Charles Fequiere has been involved in innovating and installing a solar energy system at a healthcare centre in Haiti which supports sufficient lighting, fans, emergency radio and a cooler to store medicine. http://charlesfequiere.com/



screen-shot-2017-01-11-at-11-37-23 Komuna Energy based in the US provides end-to-end support for solar power projects, from its inception right through to its operation. Their expertise ranges from the installation of roof mounted solar panels, off grid solutions, car mounted solar panels to also enabling solar energy storage. Their one for one projects are based on the fundamental strategy of partnering with nonprofit organisations to finance free renewable energy technology systems in developing countries. For every Watt of energy developed with partners, Komuna contributes to spread solar energy resources through local solar NGOs.http://komunaenergy.com/

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